Local Host

Alaska Citizen Review Panel is proud to welcome the 16th National CRP Conference to Anchorage, Alaska in 2017. Alaska’s panel is one of most active, visible, and productive panels in the country, supported by a very engaged child protective services agency, and numerous community partners across the state. We look forward to sharing our story and accomplishments.

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Active since 2002, Alaska CRP witnessed significant transformation in its operations over the years. Authorized through both federal and state statutes, the panel is widely recognized in the state for providing a forum for dialogue and deliberation on significant challenges and opportunities facing the state’s child protection enterprise. As intended by Congress, Alaska CRP strives to provide diverse opportunities for citizens through review, outreach, and advocacy.

The panel’s annual calendar begins in late August with a fall retreat, and ends by June 30th the following summer. Each year, the panel submits an Annual Report with recommendations to the state’s CPS system. Through the year, through policy review, site visits, and public meetings that include presentations from senior CPS staff and other experts in the field, the panel reviews CPS policies, procedures, and practices. Its extensive public outreach campaign involves multiple presentations through the year to various important stakeholder groups, including the state legislature.

Alaska CRP claims many accomplishments over the years. The panel was one of the most vocal advocates for creation of a whole new administrative region to ensure culturally appropriate services in the western part of the state. It was instrumental in promoting data-driven decision making in recent years. Its advocacy led to a thorough review of the state’s CPS staff survey.

Much of the panel’s work is accomplished through strong and instrumental partnerships with many entities across the state. The panel’s work and its many reports are all available on its website at www.alaskacrp.org.