Building Community, Building Hope

Building Community, Building Hope

The Building Community, Building Hope film series shows real-world, collaborative solutions to the problem of child abuse and neglect.

Each film comes with a discussion toolkit and supporting materials.

Click to watch the Dads Rock film

Dads Rock: Nurturing Father Engagement

How can programs work differently with dads to ensure they are part of their children's lives? (11:03)

Click to watch the An Unlikely Partnership film

An Unlikely Partnership

Two Washington state departments collaborate to help keep families together during a parent's incarceration. (9:42)

Click to watch the Fostering Hope Initiative film

Fostering Hope Initiative

"It takes a village" in an old idea, but here in Oregon, it’s tangibly changing community supports for families. (6:18)

Click to watch the Magnolia Place Community Initiative film

Magnolia Community Initiative

Could 35,000 low income children in Los Angeles break records of success in education, health & economic stability? (6:39)

Click to watch the Partners United for Supportive Housing film

Partners United for Supportive Housing

How does it change the game when you provide stable housing to families first, then address their other complex needs? (7:55)

Click to watch the full Building Community, Building Hope film

Building Community, Building Hope

Start the conversation in your community about what you can do to support families. (22:39)

About the Film Series

We know that there is tremendous power in communities to solve the problem of child abuse and neglect. We also know that families don’t exist in a bubble—they are affected by community factors around them. Housing, healthcare, jobs—all of these are important in understanding the types of stresses that families encounter.

Building Community, Building Hope shows real-world collaborative solutions in action. The film highlights innovative programs working to prevent and respond to child maltreatment by engaging parents and communities and forming the partnerships needed to ensure the safety and well-being of all children and families.

We encourage communities to use the films to foster conversations about what we as a society can—and should—do to ensure children grow up to achieve their full potential, free from abuse and neglect. Share it with your staff, programs, partners, community, and policy makers. Feel free to use or adapt the resources provided above to help you in this process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the film available for downloading?

Yes. To download the films, go to the Download Films page. The size of each of the files is provided. Please note that download speed will vary depending on your internet connection.

Are there tools available to help guide us on how best to use the film?

Yes. You can access the Coversation Guide page. We encourage you to show the film and have an open dialogue with your organization’s Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers; your community or national partners; families, funders, and policy makers. Take this opportunity to explore what collectively you are all doing well, and what you can do together to keep improving on behalf of and with the families who are struggling. Send us a note at to tell us how it went!

How were the featured programs selected?

The Children’s Bureau provided recommendations to the filmmakers about several innovative programs that were directly or indirectly funded in whole or part with federal funding. Inclusion of the programs in the film does not imply an endorsement of the program.

Will there be more films coming out in the near future?

The Children’s Bureau is currently in the process of developing three additional films in the Building Community, Building Hope series. These films will carry forward the themes of the first film, but focus on primary prevention.